My Values

I dedicated myself to document some of the most precious moments in people's lives and to capture them in beautiful photographs and video


I love being a wedding photographer because I can provide such significant value to people. I know that what I do is so important to my couples because these precious memories will never be forgotten

What beautiful means to me...

To me, beautiful photos mean elegant, romantic and luminous. Elegant because I love to capture the beauty in a simplistic way, especially a bride with her wedding details.


Romantic because I love soft light, pastel colours and flowers in my images and the genuine connection of a couple. And luminous because I love when my photographs are light & airy.

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''My creative vision is a constant search for a pure beauty where the most important elements are balance, elegance, romance and feminine touch.''

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My Style

As a fine art photographer, I love to capture candid photosI believe that the best photography is not posed, but when you forget there is a camera around and you can be yourself.


I capture the real in-between moments as they naturally happen, such as the connection between a couple and genuine emotions when people laugh, smile or have tears in their eyes. I use mostly natural light to create authentic images

Elegant   Romantic

  Soft   Feminine   Candid

 Natural   Genuine   Simplistic

 Light & Airy   Authentic

''Love is the spirit that motivates the artist's jourey''


Eric Maisel

My Story

I'm a typical Millennial. I love travelling, good food, nature, and of course, photography. Since I was little, I have been a creative person. There was always something attracting me towards art, and I was obsessed to make things ‘’perfect’’ in my eyes. 


I decided to study hospitality management degree and forgot what I really loved. After a few years of working in the industry, I realised that I wasn't happy.


I was unable to use my creativity and provide the ‘'real value’’ to others. So, I started looking for something that could fulfil my life and guess what? I found it! 




Believe in the power of beautiful memories


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Absolutely brilliant photos, we are so happy with them. Thanks for making our day so special, we are so grateful for all your hard work. Thank you Veronika!

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