How I make you beautiful in my photographs

As a photographer, it is my job and responsibility to make you look your best and to make sure that each photograph is perfect.

When photographing...

  • My aim is to find the best quality light, which possible to create beautiful images because this is the most important part of photography.

  • I wait for the right moment, such as when you smile, laugh, connect with someone or simply look cute.

  • I choose camera angles, camera lenses and poses to flatter specifically you and your figure.

  • I may slightly direct you if you do not feel comfortable in front of a camera to make you more relaxed.

  • I tent to shoot a lot of frames to get the exact perfect moment.

After photographing...

  • Photo selection and editing are the largest and the most time-consuming part of my work.

  • Each of the photographs I select has to pass quality control to make sure that everyone looks only the best in all pictures.

  • I make sure that your skin is smooth with natural colour and without any distracting blemishes.

  • I also might brighten your face, crop the images to adjust composition, sharpen the images, remove distracting elements, adjust the light and contrast, fix the light temperature, get rid of any noise and the last but not least I adjust the colours to my signature look and a lot more.

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''Art speaks where words are unable to explain''



My Values

I dedicated myself to preserve some of the most precious moments in people's lives and to capture them in beautiful images. These moments we will never get back and, therefore, it is so important to treasure them now. This is the reason why I love my work. I can deliver such significant value to people. I know that what I do is very important to others because these memories will never be forgotten

What beautiful means to me...

Beautiful photographs mean elegant, romantic and luminous. Elegant because I love to capture the beauty in a simplistic way, especially a bride with her wedding details. Romantic because I love soft light, pastel colours and flowers in my images and the genuine connection of a couple. And luminous because I love when my photographs are light & airy.

My Style

As a fine art photographer, I love to capture candid photos and slightly directed portraits because I believe that the best photography is not posed but when you forget there is a camera around and you can be yourself. I prefer the real in-between moments as they naturally happen, such as the connection between a couple and genuine emotions when people laugh, smile or have tears in their eyes. I use mostly natural light to create authentic images unless some added light is necessary. 

My favourites...


I have some very favourite things at weddings. I love flowers and all kind of decor so I will make sure you get your best photos of your flower decorations. I also adore children because they are so genuine, and always showing their real emotions. That’s why they are my most favourite subjects in front of a camera. The last but not least are the bridal details which include your wedding rings, the shoes, the veil, the wedding dress lace and all the things you have carefully planned. I believe that all of these objects deserve extra attention from your photographer.

''Love is the spirit that motivates the artist's jourey''


Eric Maisel

My Story

I'm a typical Millenial. I love travelling, good food, nature, and of course, photography. Since I was little, I have been a creative person. There was always something attracting me towards art and I was obsessed to make things ‘’perfect’’ in my eyes. Then I was growing up and about to decide what to do with my life and I thought I should do something more serious to live a good life.


I decided to study hospitality management degree and forgot what I really loved. But after years I realised this wasn’t the right decision for me. After a few years of working in the industry, I realised that I was very unhappy. I was unable to use my creativity and bring the ‘'real value’’ to others. So, I started looking for something that could fulfil my life and guess what? I found it! 




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