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6 Important Wedding Morning Tips

Getting ready in the wedding morning is an event of itself. If you value your wedding photography, this is something you should put some effort into planning. I have some tips for you that can help you make the most of your wedding day morning and make sure that your wedding photos turn out the best they can be.

Why to have your wedding morning documented

You may think that you don't want pictures of you getting ready and don't want your wedding photographer to take photos of your hair and make-up being done. But that doesn't mean your wedding photographer doesn't need to be there.

Your wedding photographer will still photograph certain things such as your wedding dress, bridal shoes, wedding rings, wedding invitations and your bridal portraits before the wedding ceremony. Unless you don't want any of these photos at all, I would recommend you having your wedding photographer from the morning.

Getting used to the wedding photographer

It's also a great time for everyone to warm up in front of the camera. If you have your wedding photographer to just show up only for the group portraits or right at the wedding ceremony, it's a little off. You and your guests need to acclimate to the wedding photographer and get comfortable with them being there taking pictures. You will look and feel a lot more natural and comfortable in your wedding photos.

1. The room

First things first, you want to choose a space to get ready with good natural light. That is so important in making sure that your photos are the best quality they can be. Getting ready rooms that are small with all sort of art on the walls, little or no windows, and dark wooden walls are extremely challenging places to work in.

Big windows and light neutral walls

To find the ideal room try to find a corner hotel room or a room with at least two windows. The more windows and light you have, the better results will be. Also, the room should have clean backdrops with neutral colours unless it matches the colours of your wedding theme. Make sure that the space you're getting ready in doesn't clash with your wedding day vision, your colour palette and your style. This is essential for your wedding gallery to look beautiful and cohesive.

Of course, some people don't care about this at all, but I believe it's probably not you if you are reading this article. So if you are reading this, make sure that you are choosing clean light backgrounds that will match your wedding day's aesthetic and vibe.

Remove everything you don't need

And if there are things on the walls or items in the background, have your bridal party to move them out of the way. Ask your wedding photographer where they would like you to do the photos of you putting the dress on. This will be most likely the area near the window. Then ask anyone available to help the wedding photographer move things away from that area, such as drinks, food, telephones, alarm clocks, and anything you don't need in wedding photographs.

2. Plan enough time

Bridal hair and make-up

Make sure that you have a lot more time than you think you need for everything. If you are not working with an experienced wedding team of vendors who are used to getting things done on time, add more time. It's fine if you finish things early before your wedding ceremony and you can just sit and relax. That's actually a great thing!

On average it takes around 2 hours for the bridal hair and make-up to be done. It may happen that your make-up artist or hairstylist need more time than they expected, and you may lose your valuable bridal portrait time. In the worst-case scenario, you may be late for your own wedding ceremony. So if you are working with someone less experienced, make sure that you add extra time.

Getting to the wedding ceremony

If you have to travel from a getting ready place to your ceremony, double the time you think it's going to take. That is extremely important as it's better to have extra time than not have enough time and run late. So don't be afraid to spread your timeline as much as possible to ensure that you have all the time you wanted for those important wedding photographs because it would be a great pity to miss out on them.

3. Appoint a timeline keeper

If you are having a wedding planner, this is usually something they would be in charge. But if you don't, designate your most responsible person to be your timeline keeper. This can be a bridesmaid, maid of honour, best man, groomsmen or anyone else you can trust. Send them the timeline a few days before the wedding, and tell them to keep on top of the wedding's timeline for you. They will be in charge of letting everyone know when before you need to leave and making sure everyone is where they need to be. Having an appointed person is going to be very helpful. The last thing you want are things to go out of schedule, and then you lose time from the valuable portraits you care about so much.

4. Dress code

You might be planning to have cute matching robes or pyjamas for you and your bridesmaids to wear. They will look stunning in your wedding photos. But if you are not planning on having them give your bridesmaids some directions on what to wear. For example, black leggings and white shirts, pastel colours, or the colour of your wedding colour palette. Such directions will help the wedding photographs to look more cohesive, and your final wedding gallery will look so beautiful if you intentionally plan the little details like these

5. Have food and drinks

Ensure that you bring food and beverages for people to sip and snack to avoid you or someone else passing out during the ceremony because they forgot to eat due to not having access to food. Have food arranged to be in your room for the morning of your wedding day, and make sure that you are hydrating.

You can share Champagne, mimosas or any drink with your wedding party. Just make sure you don't have too much alcohol before the ceremony. It's a fun little thing to have when you pop a bottle of Champagne, which looks lovely in photos.

6. Music to play

If you think you may feel nervous on your day, choose your vibe for the mood you want. Typically more calming or exciting music is great. For example, Taylor Swift is a great choice. If you have upbeat music going on and you're already feeling anxious, you could start to feel overwhelmed by the music's pacing. So choose your music wisely based on what you think you need to hear in the wedding morning to make sure things aren't too quiet and get in the mindset you need to be in.


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