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7 Things You Should Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Has anyone said congrats on your engagement lately? Well, whether it’s more than a year old or not, I’ll say it again, Congrats on your engagement! There are some things you’ll have to do first towards your wedding planning in the UK, but soon enough, it’ll be time for your wedding dress. I am so excited for you!

To choose your wedding dress, you will need to consider many factors, such as the type of wedding ceremony, the place the wedding will take place, the time and the season. However, the most important consideration is that your wedding dress will help you look your absolute best. It must suit your figure, your height and your personality.

Every bride has pictured herself walking down the aisle in the perfect wedding dress, so I’m sure you have thousands of pictures saved to that effect. But before you head out with all of those, I have some tips I’d love to share.

Please keep in mind that shopping for your wedding dress is a bit different from other kinds of dress shopping. So, keep the following tips in mind as you head out. Here are the most important things to know before you go wedding dress shopping.

1. Set Your Budget

One thing is sure when wedding dress shopping, you’re going to see dresses in a more expensive range that will blow your mind. I know you don’t want to end up spending your entire wedding budget on just your gown. Without a budget, there’s a chance you could try on a dress that you end up falling in love with and discover you can’t afford it!

Avoid this by asking the bridal shop assistant to keep everything coming within your price range. Working the other way will have you feeling like the dress you eventually get is less because it’s cheaper.

2. It's Not Just the Dress

Sometimes, brides in the UK make the mistake of only thinking of their wedding dress when planning their budget. How about your veil, accessories, and shoes? There are also the fittings to consider. For a more balanced budget, do your best to factor in these costs before you settle on a final amount.

Once you choose your wedding dress, you can choose the accessories to match it. Whether you chose a traditional crown, a hairpiece or a veil, it should follow the style and tone of the dress. Shoes must also compliment the dress and accessories.

3. Go With Fewer People

Have you ever heard of how too many cooks spoil the broth? It applies here. Going with too many people will lead to too many opinions. You may never be able to decide on a dress eventually! Just a few family members or close friends will do the trick. It’s even more advantageous because they’ll know you and the style that works for you.

4. Shop for Your Current Weight

No matter how much of a foolproof plan you have for losing some pounds before your wedding, shop recent. That means to buy a wedding dress that works with your current body weight. It’s easier to alter a dress to make it look smaller. Making alterations to capture a bigger you, could be a lot harder and more costly. It could even end up changing how your dress looks (Shudders).

5. Book Your Appointment

Weekend shopping in the UK can be tasking. In some bridal salons, you could even find yourself close to being rushed! If you can spare the time, try to make your appointment on a weekday in the morning or afternoon.

This way, there won’t be a crowd, and you’ll get that undivided attention you deserve. Don’t forget that it’s always best to call in and fix an appointment prior too. This is not like your regular shopping, where you can just breeze in and buy things off the rack.

6. Pick Your Bridal Shop Carefully

The atmosphere of the bridal shop, the service you get, and the options available, will all play a huge part in your final decision. This is your wedding we’re talking about, so you deserve the very best of service.

Please pay attention to things like your wait time and whether they listen to your opinion. The style and the lighting of the fitting rooms at your bridal shop could also tell you a thing or two. I wish you the best of luck!

7. Choose the Dress which Suits Your Body Type

Different wedding dress styles suit different body types. For example, a figure-hugging dress is a good option to accentuate a curvy figure, since it follows the body contours. The Princess style of dress is the most sought after because it suits many body types while hiding the hips and tummy area. The bridal shop staff should be trained to help you with your wedding dress recommendation which will suit the best to your figure.

How to start wedding planning?

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8 Painful Mistakes When Planning Wedding

Wedding planning is not easy. In fact, it can be very overwhelming and stressful. But every bride wants to have a beautiful wedding which everyone will remember. Veronika J. Fine Art Photography creates unique photographs & videos with an artistic touch, so brides can feel proud of their memories that won’t be forgotten.

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