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A Tropical Wedding Photoshoot

Updated: Mar 12

A Tropical Themed Wedding Photoshoot in the Botanical Gardens Birmingham

What would you expect from a tropical-themed wedding? A warm flowery atmosphere? Magic and warm jewel tones? A cake that melts in your mouth with different amazing flavours? Well, that's what we had for this tropical themed wedding photoshoot at the Botanical Gardens Birmingham. I'm happy to say that this photoshoot was also featured on Want That Wedding bridal blog!

Planned by Amy & Michelle of The Wedding Bubble (IG: @the_weddingbubble), this shoot was magical with many amazing details. I must say that I immensely enjoyed being the photographer (IG: @veronikaj_photography) and working with many talented wedding vendors to bring this dreamy shoot to life. I've shared some details about it below.

The Wedding Venue

The Botanical Gardens Birmingham (IG: @bhambotanicalgardens) provided the perfect space for this photoshoot. This award-winning venue is excellent for civil wedding ceremonies. It also offers couples three areas to choose from for their celebration: The Terrace Suite, Garden Suite, Loudon Suite. Couples interested will find that each of these suites offers a unique experience with packages that can be tailored to suit their needs.

For this wedding photoshoot, we worked with the Garden Suite. This space is bathed in natural light and offers some magnificent Sub Tropical and Mediterranean glasshouses. This made it just perfect for this tropical themed shoot. It's an elegant space that can host up to 400 plus guests for your wedding.

Getting Ready

We started this shoot by capturing the model couple getting ready in a very picturesque atmosphere. We used the room to the side of the Loudon Suite as a base for hair, makeup and dressing. The atmosphere was bright, with lovely garden views and light streaming through the glass windows.

The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress was, however, the star of this show. Spotting a 3D flower motive, it was a perfect fit for the tropical theme of this wedding photoshoot. It looked magnificent on Heidi. It was provided by Wedding Belles of Four Oaks (IG: @weddingbelles_4oaks) and came with a matching veil having the same 3D flower motive.

Bridal Hair & Make-up

The hair and makeup were handled by Nicola Honey Artistry (IG: @nicolahoneyartistry ). The Bride, portrayed by Heidi (IG: @heidiirenexx), had her makeup done in a gorgeous natural tone, focused on making her skin look amazing. It also accentuated her beautiful eyes. Her lips had a neutral lip colour to go with the look.

Nicola put her hair in a loose low bun. It also had a fresh floral side headpiece provided by Nicky of Paradise Blooms (IG: @paradise_blooms). Nicky also handled this photoshoot's flower details for the first part of our photoshoot. The other gorgeous bridal accessories used in this shoot were provided by Sarah Patel (IG: @sarahpatelartisanjewellery).

The Wedding Flowers

You'll love the flower settings at this photoshoot. As I mentioned earlier, they were handled by Nicky of Paradise Blooms (IG: @paradise_blooms). I loved the bouquet in particular as it had more than just flowers, palms, and other greenery gave it the perfect tropical vibe. The vibrant, tropical flowers and big leaves all worked together to create the perfect look.

The Groom

The Groom for this shoot was portrayed by Jordan (IG: @jordlewisgordon). He had on a black suit from Clements & Church (IG: @clementsandchurch), a white shirt and a black tie. He also had on black brogues and looked very dapper.

The First Look

The first look is a lovely and emotional moment between couples on their wedding day. As a photographer, I especially love this moment. It gives me the chance to capture the couple enraptured by each other devoid of the hustles and bustles of the wedding day. Heidi and Jordan portrayed this moment well. I also really loved the surrounding trees and greenery in the space we used for this moment.

The Wedding Ceremony

It's the moment you've been waiting for! The ceremony, with its vibrant colour scheme, was one of my favourite parts of this shoot to capture. Nicky created the lovely arch for the ceremony backdrop. The shades of green, red and trees in the background came together to give a perfect look. Even the peacock added its own tropical vibe to this shoot. Heidi and Jordan showed off many lovely poses at this point, showcasing the gorgeous bouquet, wedding dress and ceremony space.

The Wedding Reception

The reception for this shoot was outdoors with stunning décor from Joonie Poonie (IG: @junie_poonie) and lots of natural light. Some things that stand out are the décor, flowers, table settings and the bright colour palette. The sweetheart table was beautifully set up with flowers, balloons and gold flamingos. It had brightly coloured candles as the central décor. The multi-coloured glassware and black crockery also looked terrific.

Heidi and Jordan had a fun time posing and enjoying the orange flavoured lollipops that served as edible favours on the table. Other things that stood out were the lovely stationery in brilliant colours. They had a minimal, typographic design. Joonie also handled the styling.

The Wedding Cake

The magnificent cake for this shoot had three different flavours in each of its layers. They were Passion Fruit and White Chocolate, coffee and walnut cake with Nutella and amaretto, and Lemon Cake with Elderflower Buttercream and Lemon Gin.

Enrique of Have Some Cake UK (IG: @havesomecakeuk) was behind this beauty. I had a chance to try all three layers, and it was absolutely amazing! Enrique also brought the lovely stand with him, and the setting was really fantastic with the cake colours blending with the flower décor and other props.

The Bride & Groom Portraits

The Indoor and outdoor portraits are where I had the opportunity to shine alongside the videographer at this shoot, Carly of Bridger Films (IG: @bridger_films) - capturing the models Heidi and Jordan the indoor and outdoor beauty of the Botanical Gardens. I am in love with the venue and the props that we used. You will be too once you go through these images.

Wedding Vendor List:

Wedding Planners: Amy & Michelle - The Wedding Bubble


IG: @the_weddingbubble

Wedding Photographer: Veronika J. Fine Art Photography


IG: @veronikaj_photography

Wedding Videographer: Carly - Bridger Films


IG: @bridger_films

Wedding Venue: Botanical Gardens Birmingham


IG: @bhambotanicalgardens

Flowers: Nicky - Paradise Blooms


IG: @paradise_blooms

Wedding Cake: Enrique - Have Some Cake UK


IG: @havesomecakeuk

Hair & Make-up: Nicola Honey Artistry


IG: @nicolahoneyartistry

Stationery & Styling: Joonie Poonie


IG: @junie_poonie

Wedding Dress: Wedding Belles of Four Oaks


IG: @weddingbelles_4oaks

Bridal Accessories: Sarah Patel


IG: @sarahpatelartisanjewellery

Suit: Clements & Church


IG: @clementsandchurch

Model couple: Heidi & Jordan

IG: @heidiirenexx

IG: @jordlewisgordon


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