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Bridal Photoshoot in the Peony Wonderland

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

This wedding photoshoot took place in Daugmales Peonijas which is a large peony farm in Latvia, only within 30 minutes of drive from Riga. Peonies are some of the most popular flowers in Latvia for its delicious smell and a great variety of shapes and types.

For this photoshoot, we wanted to achieve the fairytale feel for a bride in a magical wonderland. And Daugmales Peonijas was the perfect place for our vision.

Darjana (@darjana.shevchenko) made a beautiful bride in our peony wonderland. Irene (@irene.evart) is a very skillful hair and make-up artist who did an amazing job with the bridal look. She chose to go for a very classic and soft bridal look which highlighted Darjnana's natural beauty. You can see Irene in action at the video below.

With Julia from the White Gallery bridal boutique (@whitegallery2020), we chose a stunning princess-like wedding dress with so many layers of ruffles and lace with fine floral design. The bridal bouquet was provided by Anastasija from Amelie's Flowers (@amelies.flowers.riga). The bouquet was absolutely gorgeous and of course, it included peonies as the main flowers.

You can see the final photos and video from this beautiful peony photoshoot below.

Final photos with bride Darjana

I hope that you enjoyed the photos and videos from this lovely photo session.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch Xx

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