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Behind the Scenes of a Photo & Video Session

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

This is a behind the scenes of a lovely photo+video session with Eleonora and Philip. It was a chilly day in the middle of January. However, the weather turned out to be perfect for the photos. My most favourite weather is a blue sky with big fluffy clouds so the Sun can shine through them.

I always aim to schedule all photo/video sessions shortly before the golden hour. This way, we can have the best quality light and enough time for photos before the sunset. This timing changes throughout the year so I always check before the shoot what time the sunset is. I talk more about planning in this blog post: All you need to know before your engagement/couple photo session.

This was Eleonora and Philip's first experience with a photographer or videographer. Even though they had never had professional photos taken, they both looked great together! I didn't try to pose them by telling or showing exact poses. Instead, I directed them by telling them where to stand and suggesting what they can do as a couple. I aim for the candid, natural, lifestyle photographs. That's why the most important thing is to be yourself not even thinking of me being there.

What I like about winter in the UK is that the Sun is very low all day which causes beautifully diffused light no matter what time it is. This gave us flexibility so we could start at 1 pm and still had that golden hour feel. We walked along the Birmingham canals to a large park which gave us a great variety of lovely backdrops. Sometimes, we met some curious audience, such as this adorable poodle dog who also loved to pose with me as you can see in the photo below.

BTS credit: Anastasia Jobson, www.anastasiajobson.com

Our session took almost two hours until it was getting too dark and too cold for all of us to continue. My friend Anastasia was kind enough to make us a great company the whole time and document our behind the scenes. There will also be a video coming soon, so stay tuned! We had so much fun together and overall, it was a wonderful afternoon. I would love to photograph couples like Ely & Philip all the time!

The final video:

The final images:


I hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes of this couple photoshoot.

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