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Couple Photoshoot in Snowy Winter

Having your couple photoshoot in the snow can be magical. You’ll get a chance to be captured in amazing engagement photos and videos. You’ll also have a great and intimate time, depending on what theme you choose.

Here at Veronika J. Fine Art Photography, I am no stranger to winter couple photo & video sessions. There’s a beauty that comes with this session that makes it unique and special. The winter adds a touch of enchantment to the entire experience. There are also many opportunities for incredible photos and videos during the winter. Here are some of the lovely photo opportunities a couple can take advantage of in the snow.

You Get A Chance to Play in the Snow

Just like in Baiba and Matiss’s video, a winter couple photo and video session is an opportunity to have fun. You can be yourself and have fun while we capture you just as you are. Your natural vibe will come through in this session, just like it has with this couple. Everyone will be able to see how much you enjoy one another.

Your Pictures Can Showcase Fallen Snow

The temperature might be a bit uncomfortable, but don’t let it deter you from your goal. Having winter wonderland photos is sure to make your session that much better.

Embrace the elements for your couple photoshoot as you showcase your love for each other. Nothing reflects light as beautifully as a perfect blanket of snow. You won’t regret it.

You Have A Chance to Dress Up

Dress the part for your engagement photos and videos in the winter snow. A warm winter wardrobe is an excellent idea for this couple photoshoot. Make use of blankets, customized matching jackets, and move around to stay warm where necessary. Don’t forget to snuggle in too.

You Can Choose a Sentimental Location

If you know a location with sentimental value to your relationship and great views in the winter, then choose it! A couple photoshoot at a destination like this will be perfect. It could be an outdoor location with lots of snow. You can also add an indoor place with natural light. This will provide variation to your engagement photos and videos.

You Can Incorporate the Holiday Decor

Using festive pieces as props in your couple photoshoot is a great idea. From mistletoe to decorative wreaths, it’s sure to bring the fun, festive spirit to your shoot. You can also take advantage of such décor around your city during your shoot. They’d make a great backdrop.

You can also use festive pieces to display your ring. Pine needles, for example, are a great idea and would look fabulous in a detailed macro shot. The decorative wreaths mentioned above are also a good idea.

You’ll Enjoy Crowd-Free Locations

The lack of crowds at amazing picturesque locations during the winter is a great advantage. In fact, it is one of the best benefits when it comes to having winter couple photo & video sessions. You’ll find some of the best spots empty, so you’ll have lots of options. You can then have your engagement photos captured without being worried that they’ll be strange people in the background.

Winter and snow provide many numerous opportunities when it comes to engagement photos and videos. So, if you’re considering having an engagement session this winter, you should go ahead. You’ll have a lovely time, and your photos and videos will come out looking fantastic too. All you’ll need to complete this is a perfect photographer, so do you have one?


Here at Veronika J. Fine Art Photography, capturing breath-taking couple sessions in the UK is my passion. I can do the same for you too.

Learn more about my couple photoshoots by clicking this link, and then feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you. Contact me today!


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