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Destination Wedding in Sorrento, Italy

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Wedding at the Cloisters and Villa Antiche Mura

Louisa & Lee had an intimate destination wedding with the closest and dearest family. They choose Sorrento, one of the most beautiful locations in Italy for their celebration which was truly magical.

What Louisa says:

"Veronika is truly amazing & very talented! I feel so blessed to have found her to capture our wedding day memories. Not only Is she truly incredible at what she does, she is one of the sweetest, nicest, beautiful person! It actually felt like she was a family member or a close friend. I can’t recommend Veronika enough and I will only ever recommend her!!! ★★★★★"

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I am so grateful that Louisa & Lee chose me out of many others to document their beautiful memories in photography and a highlight video. Here is an overview of my lovely experience at destination wedding in Sorrento, Italy.

Destination Wedding Video, Sorrento Italy

"Our wedding day photos and video are just so stunning she really captured the natural love and emotion . We can’t stop watching our video and looking through the photos . So magical!"


Wedding in Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento is a beautiful Italian city with stunning views of the sea and the volcano, Mount Vesuvius. It is located near the Amalfi Coast and is known for its lemon farms and Piazza Tasso (café-lined square). You'll fall in love with the charm of this place. Louisa and Lee chose the Cloisters of San Francesco as their wedding ceremony venue and then they had the wedding reception and party at the Villa Antiche Mura.

"We’ve always dreamt of getting married in Sorrento, Italy. So that’s exactly what we did. I originally got in contact with several Italian photographers, all of which were recommended to us. But although they were talented, it just didn’t feel right. I was starting to worry a little, as I’m obsessed with photos and videos and this was something I really wanted to get right!"


Photographer & videographer as one person

I loved being a part of Louisa and Lee's Sorrento wedding as their destination wedding photographer and videographer. I'd also like to say especially how beautiful this couple and their family are inside and out. They are incredibly caring and very kind to me. I felt like part of their family! We had a great time documenting their romantic love story at their destination wedding.

"To me a perfect photo can speak a million words, and for a moment you can relive that special magical moment..!

I popped a post up in a bridal group and got loads of recommendations . I had a good look through all the links and instantly feel in love with Veronika’s work. Her work looked stunning, natural, elegant & romantic. Exactly what we were looking for!"


The Sorrento Engagement Photoshoot

Villa San Pietro was a fabulous place to stay for this destination wedding in Italy with a magical view of Sorrento. You'll see what I mean in the engagement photos. I could not get enough of this location.

"On our pre wedding shoot myself and Lee felt so awkward and giggly, I honestly have no idea how she managed to get some good shots of us But they are just incredible. I will cherish them all forever!!!!"


See more from Louisa & Lee's pre-wedding photoshoot here.

Louisa & Lee hadn't had any experience with professional photography before and felt quite nervous before the session. This is why I love to do pre-wedding sessions. It gives the couple time to get used to the camera. This turned out to be an excellent experience for Louisa and Lee and helped them relax on their wedding day.

Getting Ready in Villa San Pietro

Louisa and Lee to ready with their family on the morning of their wedding day at the Villa San Pietro. I started the day by capturing Louisa and her kids, Bella and Rocco getting ready. She and Bella looked fabulous in their robes from Belle Emilia Designs (@belle_emilia_designs). Bella got everywhere with her Minnie Mouse and looked soooo adorable. Rocco looked great too.

I captured all the wedding details such as the wedding dress, bridal shoes, bouquet, and Bella's flower girl dress. I also took pictures of some accessories and the wedding rings. Louisa's wedding dress, veil, and hairpiece were from Jools Valentia (@jvbridalcouture) and looked heavenly.

Soon enough, Louisa and the kids were ready. I was also able to catch Lee and his older son as they helped each other get ready for the wedding. They looked terrific in their shirts and checked trousers with red braces. Lee's trousers had more of a red base to differentiate him as the groom and looked fantastic.

Lastly, I got to take pictures of Louisa's dad and brother as they got ready together. They looked terrific in the same shirt and checked trousers with red braces. The menswear was from Henry James Bespoke Tailoring (@henryjamesbespoketailoring).

Wedding Ceremony in The Cloisters of San Francesco

The outstanding architecture at the Cloisters of San Francesco is one of the things that will attract you to it. This location is rich in history and carries that old Italian charm that Sorrento, Italy, is known for.

This location dates back to the 14th century and is a beautiful space to have your wedding ceremony. Getting a chance to capture beautiful places like these makes being a destination wedding photographer so delightful for me.

A beautiful harp played as the men waited for Louisa and her dad to arrive for the ceremony. The Cloisters of San Francesco is such a romantic location, and I was almost in tears at the beauty of this celebration.

Bella and Rocco first walked down the aisle to signal the start of the ceremony. Then Louisa and her dad came in. You should see the look on Lee's face when he saw her. It was heart-melting. Soon, the ceremony was on its way, and the couple said their vows and exchanged the rings.

Next, they had a romantic first kiss as a wedding couple. I loved being able to capture this wonderful family at this milestone moment. Finally, the couple signed the wedding registrar, and the ceremony came to a beautiful end with hugs all around.

Locations like the Cloisters of San Francesco make being a destination wedding photographer worth it. I loved capturing this couple and their loved ones here. The family portraits were gorgeous. I also got some lovely photos of Louisa and Lee at this wedding venue.

Wedding Reception in Villa Antiche Mura

Villa Antiche Mura is located on a cliff in Sorrento. It was the perfect reception space for this gorgeous couple and their loved ones. You'll love the warm breezes, breath-taking views and impeccable service.

Villa Antiche Mura is a beautiful place to create your wedding memories in Italy. This unique venue is where Louisa and Lee rounded up their beautiful celebration. I am so glad that I got to work with this beautiful family and experience this.

The natural light in this wedding venue is just perfect for light and airy photography. The reception space itself looked beautiful with the flowers, gold details and candles. I even got a picture of the famous Sorrento Lemons.

The reception at the Villa Antiche Mura was beautiful. The couple started the celebration with a toast, and then everyone came together for selfies. I got lovely photos of them with the blue waters in the background, and it was mesmerizing.

Bella and Rocco had so much fun. They got a surprise gift during the reception with many treats and toys inside. It's the photo of the box with "A little something for you", and they were so delighted.

Next, it was time for the wedding speech, and the bride's father gave a very emotional speech. This family is lovely, and this was such a special celebration for them. I am delighted that I got to be a part of it.

Bride & Groom Portraits and Cake Cutting

The evenings in Sorrento are magical! It was the perfect time for wedding portraits and when the couple cut their wedding cake. This lovely three-tier wonder had a very realistic cake topper of Louisa and Lee.

The cake topper was such a unique addition that personalized their cake. They had on the very same clothes that Louisa and Lee were wearing; you'll love it! Then it was time for the beautiful wedding portraits with the waters in the background and the sunset. Romance was in the air, and I documented it all.

The Wedding First Dance

After the evening portraits, it was time for the wedding party. This couple opened the night with a romantic first dance. They chose the Perfect Symphony with Andrea Bocelli with Ed Sheeran as their wedding song.

This was because it was a perfect match for their destination wedding in Italy. Andrea Bocelli is Italian, and Ed sings a part of the song with him in Italian. This was what was played for their first dance, and the moment was beautiful. I love this song so much! I also used it in the highlight video, so don't forget to check that out.

What I loved About Louisa and Lee's Sorrento, Italy Wedding

I could write a book full of words about this lovely destination wedding because I had such a great time. This family was so wonderful to me, and they are such amazing people. Sorrento is a beautiful and romantic place too. I am so glad I got to experience it. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special celebration Louisa and Lee.

"Veronika thank you so so much, you really have gone above and beyond for us, and I truly believe we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our paths for a reason xxx"


Destination wedding photographer Italy

Wedding Vendors

Bathrobes: Belle Emilia Designs (@belle_emilia_designs)

Wedding Dress, Veil, and Hairpiece: Jools Valentia (@jvbridalcouture)

Menswear: Henry James Bespoke Tailoring (@henryjamesbespoketailoring)

Getting Ready Location: Villa San Pietro, Sorrento

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Cloisters of San Francesco (Chiostro di San Francesco)

Reception Venue: Villa Antiche Mura, Sorrento (@villaantichemura)

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