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Elopement Wedding Photography

Elopements have been going on here in the UK for many decades. Couples who elope do so for many reasons. In the past, elopements were considered a kind of taboo, but we’ve come a long way from then. Now with the pandemic, an elopement could even prove to be the logical and safe option.

At the same time, lots of couples who choose to elope do so because they don’t want all the fanfare that is involved with regular weddings at theirs. So, if you’re planning an elopement, you may be wondering if to hire a photographer or not. The answer is yes.

Picture the following scenario:

Imagine if you only had one opportunity to watch your favourite movie. Or you could only listen to your favourite song once. How would you even know it was your favourite? As you can see, for some things in life, you get joy from reliving them over and over again. Your wedding is one of those things.

Here at Veronika J. Fine Art Photography, I’ve had chances to watch couples viewing their elopement wedding pictures. The look of excitement and joy on their faces is one that every couple who elopes should have. Here are five other reasons why you’ll need elopement wedding photography.

You’ll Get to See Your Most Important Moments Again

The human mind is a complicated and wonderful thing. It is way easier for us as humans to remember every detail of an unpleasant experience than those of a happy one. In fact, the happier you are, the easier it’ll be for your mind to gloss over the event and remember it in wholes.

However, with a photographer at your elopement in the UK (or abroad), you can view the beautiful moment where you exchange your vows again. You’ll get to see your partner’s passion and expressions and relive the moment when you told them how much they mean to you. As time passes, you’ll always be able to go back and look at it again to remind yourselves how far you’ve come.

Photos Which Tell Your Story

Photos are great at capturing important moments and helping to trigger wonderful memories of your day. A picture of a moment you had forgotten can bring those memories crashing back.

You’ll remember how the wind whistled through the trees as you said your “I dos”, the voice of the Celebrant, and your partner’s smile. Having brilliant pictures of your elopement wedding that you can share with friends and include in your wedding album is great.

You Won’t Have Any Regrets

If you’re here wondering whether or not you want a photographer for your wedding, chances are that you’ll regret it if you don’t get one. You’ll be creating a day centred around you, your partner, and your love when you elope. Don’t miss a chance to capture it.

These kinds of milestones only come once. Your love is a very special part of your lives. Ensure that you use this milestone opportunity that your elopement wedding is to preserve it. Your elopement wedding photography will help you capture your private expression of it.

You’ll Have Something to Share with Your Family and Friends

If you’re having an elopement wedding, chances are that your guest list ranges from small to nothing. That is part of why it is an elopement in the first place. You'll be choosing to focus on intimacy and privacy for your wedding. It does not mean that you hate your family members and don’t want to share your joy with them. You'll do so, just not at the point where it is happening.

Pictures of the event are a great way to share all the important parts of your wedding much later when you're ready. You could put up pictures of moments like the ceremony, vows, and ring exchange. Many couples have stated that people are often more understanding of their decision to elope after they see their wedding photos.

You’ll Be Leaving Them as Mementos

We are living in a moment in time. Pictures help us capture and preserve these moments. Many years from now, the people existing can get a glimpse back into the beauty that was your wedding day using your elopement pictures. That’s part of what elopement wedding photography helps you do. So many years from now, generations after you can remember you and your love.

You’ll Get A Fun New Yearly Tradition

Celebrating your wedding anniversary over and over again can be spiced up by having a wedding album that you can look through. You can make it a yearly tradition to settle down, have a bottle of wine, and enjoy your wedding photos as a couple. You can even have them made into a beautiful slideshow.

As life goes by, you’ll also get many chances to go back and enjoy it as a genuine reminder of what your love is really about. Having your elopement wedding documented in photos is a great way to invest in future emotional moments in your relationship. So what do you say?

If you need an elopement wedding photographer in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, then you’re in the right place. Here at Veronika J. Fine Art Photography, I believe that we can preserve the special moments at your wedding through beautiful photos and videos. I would love a chance to help you document your love ceremony.

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