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GIFs In Your Wedding Gallery!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Capturing breath-taking wedding photographs and photos of other important milestones is something I enjoy here at Veronika J Photography. The love, laughter and happiness on display is something I often cannot get enough of. I also take what I do very seriously, as these photos are more than just session images. They capture a special milestone that couples will share with their loved ones for many years to come.

During weddings and photoshoots, I often get photo sequences. This means multiple photos of your happy moments that I can then curate painstakingly to give you the perfect wedding day album. However, I sometimes feel like it would be such a pity not to use all these photos. That’s why I decided to create GIFs in your wedding photo gallery.

I deliver these GIFs along with all the other lovely photos from the wedding or photoshoot in your online gallery. So, why should you consider this method of delivering your wedding or photoshoot images? I answer this and more in the few paragraphs below.

They Are A Fun Way to Show Your Special Moments

Everyone who has social media now knows how fun GIFs can be. So, having GIFs in your wedding photo gallery is a perfect way to introduce a fun and modern touch to your images. The GIFs here show you precisely what I mean.

Picture seeing a loved one having a fun twirl as you share a kiss. Sharing these moments in this kind of way will surely bring a smile to the face of anyone you share your wedding photographs with.

They Capture Emotions Better

We all know that images are exceptional in documenting special moments. GIFs show this beautifully. Actions shots in a GIF are better able to display emotions than your still photographs would. Watch your partner laugh at a joke you’ve cracked, or your flower girl get a sniff of the beautiful roses at your wedding. It’s like your exceptional images but much better.

Use Most of The Images Captured

As much as your photographer (Hopefully Me) wants to show all your special moments, not all the shots get into the final cut. If they did, you’d have a wedding album that is probably too long with too many wedding pictures. You’ll never be able to look through them all! With GIFs, however, you can get them all together and view them in a short time frame.

Entice Your Younger Loved Ones

Like we mentioned earlier, your social media savvy loved ones will enjoy these GIFs. So, if you’re trying to appeal to your Gen Z family on Twitter, post your GIFs. They’ll love it, share it and retweet it to all their friends. Who knows, your post could even go viral and bring you love from all over.

Something Different

Most wedding or photoshoots are documented using only photos and videos. GIFs are a refreshing addition to the list. It’s a unique way to showcase your special moments as you celebrate. I am delighted to offer this service and hope you enjoy the fun new experience.


Do you need a wedding photographer to capture your special day here in the UK? Then you’re in the right place. Here at Veronika J Fine Art Photography, my passion is documenting special memories and preserving them through images. I’d love to hear from you. Contact me today!


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