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How To Choose Your Wedding Shoes

The wedding dress is the star of the show, and brides invest quite some time looking for the perfect one. What you shouldn’t forget is that finding the right pair of wedding shoes is equally important.

Whether you are preparing for a small ceremony or a grand wedding, the obvious factors to consider when choosing wedding shoes are your wedding dress style, comfort, season, wedding venue and budget.

For professional advice on choosing the right wedding shoes for you, I invited Veronika from @KurpesLigavai bridal shoe boutique. And yes, her name is also Veronika :)

Veronika is passionate about sustainability and offers wedding shoes that brides can wear post-wedding for years to come. Based on Veronika's experience, she answers some frequently asked questions and tips to help you navigate through countless footwear options and make a wise choice when looking for your perfect wedding shoes.

1. What is the one most important factor to consider when buying your shoes?

The answer is straightforward - comfort. No matter how much you like a particular pair of wedding shoes, you should not compromise on comfort. The wedding shoes should be a perfect fit when you first try them on, or you should not buy them.

Weddings usually stretch on for hours and you will be on your feet for most of it. If you are not comfortable in your shoes or dress, it will show on your face and eventually in the wedding photographs.

Tip #1 - Don’t buy misfits

Ill-fitting shoes are a primary cause of discomfort. To ensure you are not buying wedding shoes that are too big or small, go shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are likely to be at their biggest size naturally. When trying the shoes, walk around the boutique and, if possible, walk both on the hard floor and carpeted surface. Take your time and ensure your toes have enough space and the ankle is not slipping out.

Tip #2 - Buy two pairs

Brides who prefer high heels, often choose flats for the photoshoot and party after the official ceremony. Having both heels and comfortable footwear guarantees all-day comfort on a wedding day when it is most needed.

2. What is the ideal heel height?

The perfect heel height depends on the bride. Go for high heels if you are used to wearing heels every day, and you are confident you will be comfortable in pumps all day. However, if you are usually running around in flats and sneakers, choosing heels for your wedding day might not be the wisest idea. Wedding flats and low heels are just as dressy as high heels and do not compromise on your comfort.

Tip #1 - Consider your wedding dress

If your wedding dress requires alterations, you should bring your wedding shoes to each fitting. The seamstress will then tailor your wedding dress to match the heel height.

Tip #2 - Break the shoes in

It’s important to practice walking in your wedding shoes at home before the wedding. Put on a pair of thick socks and walk around to gently stretch the shoes and prevent blisters. The fact that you must prioritize your comfort above anything else cannot be emphasized enough.

Wedding shoes are an integral part of the bride's ensemble - just as important as the bridal bouquet, hair and makeup. Quality bridal footwear can be a substantial investment, yet your comfort throughout the wedding day will pay off. Also, if you are comfortable in them and they look great on you, why not wear them post-wedding? There’s always a place for a stylish pair of shoes in every woman’s wardrobe in any colour.

About Veronika and her bridal shoe boutique

@KurpesLigavai bridal shoe boutique was open 3 years ago, and today it remains the only shop in the Baltics specializing in beautiful and timeless wedding footwear.

Our main collection is handmade in Marche, Italy. These wedding shoes are made with the genuine highest quality, soft Italian leather to ensure quality and comfort. These gems are created in small numbers by artisan shoe craftsmen with decades of experience in luxury shoemaking.

Learn more on our Instagram and Facebook page. We do worldwide shipping.


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