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Laima Bridal Boutique, Modern Boho Wedding Dresses, Birmingham

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

This was one of my last photoshoots before the world pandemic crisis. I had a chance to photograph stunning bridal gowns in the Laima Boutique (@laima_bridal_boutique) in Birmingham. When you enter the boutique, you feel like you just arrived at a bridal fairy tale. You can see wonderful wedding dresses all around with a large at least 2-meter mirror leaning against one of the walls.

Laima Bridal Boutique offers unique wedding gowns which you won't find in any other boutique anywhere in Birmingham. They are exclusively provided by an Australian designer Cizzy Bridal Australia (@cizzybridalaustralia) which is one of the most well-recognised suppliers in Australia with its hometown in Perth, Western Australia.

For the photoshoot, Laima chose wedding dresses from two of Cizzy Bridal labels: the White April Bridal and the Wedding Societe. Each of these labels is designed with a different boho bride in mind.

The White April was designed for the modern boho bride who is confident, independent, stylish and enchanted by unique detail. She is exceptional and refreshing.

The Wedding Societe was created for the free spirited individual who wants to make a statement whilst letting her feminine beauty shine through. She has elegance and bohemian charm.

Beautiful Laura (@lkryzeviciute) modelled for our photoshoot, and she was doing amazingly as a boho bride. All selected dresses suited her just perfectly.

To complement the wedding dresses Laima decided for accessories from a British brand Victoria Louise (@victorialouiseaccessories) which were designed exclusively for the Birmingham area only. The accessories perfectly matched the wedding gowns with its elegant floral design.

For the final dress, we selected a bridal veil with beautiful fine details is designed by Christine Dando (@dandolondon) who is a worldwide recognised bridal designer from London.

My personal most favourite dresses were the ones from the White April label with the night sky design and romantic floral design. Both of these gowns are from the Wild Flower collection of the White April. If I was a bride to be I would be definitely considering one of these wedding gowns.

More photos from the photoshoot


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