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LGBT Friendly Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I dedicated myself to tell beautiful love stories. Love comes in many forms and true love doesn't care about race, religion or gender.

It doesn't matter to me whether I photograph a groom & bride, a groom & groom or a bride & bride. What matters to me is to capture the genuine love and connection between the wedding couple.

I understand that it may feel intimidating for any couple to hire a professional photographer who will be getting quite intimate with you and your other half on your wedding day.

Gay-friendly wedding photographer

For your wedding, you want your photographer to feel comfortable around you as well as you both need to feel comfortable around your wedding photographer. This person will be getting the shots of you kissing, directing you into romantic poses and then going through thousands of your photographs witnessing your love over again.

For photography, it's essential that you can be relaxed and just be who you are because if you don't feel in ease, it will show in the photographs. That's why your choice of the right gay-friendly photographer is really important for your wedding and the captured lifetime memories.

As much as I love all about weddings, I love photographing the bride and all the bridal details. And photographing two brides on a wedding day, that's like when a dream comes true :) Double wedding dresses, double bridal bouquets and all that double beauty, such as in the photograph above. How beautiful is that? :)


I hope that this article was useful for you :)

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