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Kach and David's Wedding Photography & Video

I had an opportunity to capture Kach & David's wedding at the Manor By The Lake in both photography and videography as a single hybrid shooter. There are many things I love about this wedding. One of those is how much you could that David adores his bride. It was all so very romantic. I also loved that their wedding theme made it easy to use my light and airy wedding photography. The results were gorgeous.

Kach and David's beautiful celebration took place at the Manor by The Lake. I had a wonderful time using my natural photography to document the beauty of this wedding venue. In this article, I share David & Kach's wedding photos & highlight video and gifs of this lovely celebration and what a lovely time we all had.

"Veronika has been outstanding and gave us the best photographs I have ever seen. Her support and experience during the day has been amazing. I have recommended her to everybody I know. She is an overall amazing wedding photographer and I know my wedding would not be the same without her and her expertise."

David's comment for The Wedding Industry Awards 2022

Wedding Highlight Film

The Manor By The Lake Wedding Venue

The Manor By The Lake (@manorbythelake) is a fabulous historic wedding venue in Cotswold. I could not get enough of this whimsical, exclusive location. It was the perfect backdrop for Kach and David's beautiful wedding.

I had a great time capturing the ivy-covered walls, the flower love patch, the water, bridge and gazebo. The majestic splendour of this venue is sure to impress everyone who visits. This venue is perfect for couples planning a traditional, historical or garden wedding.

Secret Garden Wedding Services (@secretgardenweddingservices) did a fabulous job decorating this venue for this wedding. All came together to create a fairy-tale atmosphere that I had a lovely time displaying with airy and light photography.

Wedding Morning Getting Ready

I started the day documenting Kach as she and her loved ones got ready. While doing that, I also took pictures of other important wedding details. These images are a great way to save these details that are often lost to the couple after some years.

For a start, I took pictures of the invitation cards, wedding rings, the program and the bride's fabulous shoes. I also captured the breathtaking wedding dress from Cotswold Bridal Boutique (@cotswold_bridal_boutique_uk).

Kach looked terrific as she and her loved one got dressed for the celebration. She had her makeup done by Bridal by Artist (@bridalbyartists) and looked amazing. I also loved the bridal accessories from Jon Richard Jewellery (@jonrichardjewellery), especially the mesmerizing headpiece. I used my candid photography skills at this point, staying out of the way while capturing the special moments.

Once Kach was ready, I had a lovely time taking lovely bridal portraits of her in her dress. She looked amazing, and so did her beautiful bouquet from Snow Drops Studio (@snowdrops_studio). Then she headed down for the wedding.

David and his groomsmen also got ready in a very picturesque room at the Manor by the lake. It had gorgeous wooden panels, wideset windows and many important relics. Most of all, it had everything that David and his men needed to get ready. I took lovely photos of them using my candid photography skills too.

The Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony of this lovely couple is another place where the gorgeous flower arrangements by Snow Drops Studio (@snowdrops_studio) mesmerized. The aisle was decorated with stunning arrangements that looked like they grew from the seats. The altar had a lovely installation that intertwined with the arc making for a magical backdrop. It was all gorgeous.

The procession started with guests seated as the excellent Tamila Thomas (@theviolinexpert) played a lovely tune. Both the celebrant and David were already waiting at the altar. The wedding party members then walked down the aisle before Kach and her father did the same.

The moment David saw Kach, he was so overwhelmed by emotions that he cried. I love weddings like this, where this milestone is so important to the couple. Once Kach was at the front and facing David, the ceremony started in earnest.

The couple said their vows, exchanged rings and then it was time for them to share their first kiss as a married couple. Through it all, I captured using my candid photography where I am barely noticeable but never miss a thing. It is a lovely way to document special moments while not interrupting.

After the kiss, the female celebrant led the couple to sign their wedding certificate with witnesses. Then they walked off to a private toast before coming out to a beautiful receiving line with loved ones and confetti. I also took a lovely group portrait with guests and the couple.

Cocktail Hour and Group Portraits

Cocktail Hour at Kach and David's wedding was a lovely outdoor event with lots of laughter. The couple had a great time mingling with loved ones. I snuck around, taking stunning photos of everyone as they had discussions and shared smiles. Then it was time for more group portraits.

For these portraits, I captured the couple, their wedding party and their parents. I also captured the couple with both sets of parents. Then it was time for the couple and extended family before involving all their guests.

Wedding Day Photoshoot

I had a fantastic time with this couple as I captured their couple portraits. The Manor by the Lake provided a fabulous backdrop, and they both looked amazing. I'd also like to commend Kach's wedding dress by the amazing Millanova (@millanova). The sheer material was the perfect colour of Kach's skin, and every intricate pattern looked beautiful.

I took pictures showcasing the bride's veil, her bouquet, and the couple's new wedding rings. I also captured them at many beautiful spots around the grounds. With every picture, you could see how much love they had for each other. Then it was time for the wedding breakfast and speeches.

Wedding Breakfast and Speeches

Kach and David had their beautiful Manor by the Lake wedding breakfast in the Maximillian Room. This room is the very definition of elegance with golden details, a candlelit chandelier and lovely drapes. Secret Garden Wedding Services (@secretgardenweddingservices) did an excellent job with the décor here too.

I had a great time documenting the place settings, the candlelit tables and even the succulent plants given as wedding favours. I took pictures of the couple here before the guests trooped in for the wedding breakfast and speeches.

The speeches at this celebration were lovely. The couple and their guests had a lovely time. David gave the thank you note to kickstart the speeches on behalf of the couple. Kach also had something to say as time went on. It was a lovely time for everyone.

I also love that this breakfast gave me another opportunity to capture the beautifully dressed guests at this wedding. It was then time for the toasts, which were also fun as everyone wished the couple well in their future together. I also captured as guests signed the guestbook at the celebration.

The fabulous cake at this wedding was a creation of Cakes by Sophie Page (@cakesbysophiepage). It had three tiers with three different fantastic flavours. On the outside was a fabulous white design with flowers to compliment. The décor of the cake table was also exceptional.

The Wedding Reception

Kach and David's wedding reception started at 6 pm and was a fun time with drinks and music by Ionut Turcanu (@ionutturcanu). There were fantastic flower installations by Snow Drops Studio (@snowdrops_studio) here too. Some of the best I've ever seen.

The couple spent time going around personally to say hi to guests while I took lovely photos for their album. Everyone was in high spirits and excited to be at the reception. Then it was time for the cake cutting.

Next up was the first dance, and Kach and David took to the floor to share a special number. It was such a romantic moment. The lovely disco lighting also added to make this moment even more beautiful. Kach and David looked so happy to have found each other.

Next, we had a beautiful moment with sparklers as guests lined up to celebrate the couple again. Then it was time for the party and dancing. Everyone had a fabulous time, and I am glad I could be a part of the moment.

In Conclusion

I had a lovely time documenting the special moments at this Manor by the Lake wedding in Cotswold. I also loved working as a hybrid photographer & videographer for this couple which meant I could capture their special moments in their wedding film too. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day, Kach and David. I wish you both the very best now and always!

Wedding Vendors

Wedding photographer & videographer: Veronika J. Fine Art Photography (@veronikaj_photography)

Wedding venue: Manor By The Lake (@manorbythelake)

Wedding dress designer: Millanova (@millanova)

Wedding dress boutique: Cotswold Bridal Boutique (@cotswold_bridal_boutique_uk)

MUA: Bridal by Artist (@bridalbyartists)

Bridal accessories: Jon Richard Jewellery (@jonrichardjewellery)

Decoration: Secret Garden Wedding Services (@secretgardenweddingservices)

Florist: Snow Drops Studio (@snowdrops_studio)

Wedding cake: Cakes by Sophie Page (@cakesbysophiepage)

Violin: Tamila Thomas (@theviolinexpert)

Evening music: Ionut Turcanu (@ionutturcanu)


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