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Peak District Wedding Photography

Loretta & Mickey's Wedding Photographs

Have you ever thought of an after wedding photoshoot? This is when the wedding couple puts on their wedding clothes and takes amazing photographs for their wedding album after their wedding day. Some couples do this as a way to incorporate a different location into their wedding photos.

Highlight Wedding Video

What Loretta says about their wedding photos & video:

"This is just so stunning! I’m so impressed! So soft and romantic. It looks very warm and cosy, you can’t tell how cold it actually was there. But even though it was so freezing and windy, it was so worth it! You’ve done yet another great and outstanding job Veronika!! I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!"

Rather than having to rush to a far-off location and risk coming back late to continue your wedding celebrations, you could go another day. With an after-wedding photoshoot, you'll still get amazing photographs of yourselves in your wedding outfits at that fabulous location.

These pictures of Loretta and Mickey were at their after-wedding photoshoot in the Peak District national park. The couple and their little ones got dressed, and we hiked a bit to get the perfect wedding photos. Here are a few words on what a great time we all had.

Peak District

Peak District is a national park with many fantastic views. It has a beautiful history, including settlements by the Romans and is excellent for walking, cycling and hiking. At Peak District, we went to Salt Cellar Derwent Edge, and that's where we took this couple's wedding photographs. I used candid photography and natural photography for these images.

"We're so glad we chose you, this turned out incredible!! Definitely a treasure for our lifetime."


The Wedding Photoshoot

Loretta and Mickey love adventure. They wanted to have some epic wedding photos to have memories to remember. That's why they decided to travel all the way to the Peak District to make that happen.

We hiked to the Salt Cellar Derwent Edge in the Peak District National Park. It took over two hours, so we spent around four hours of hiking for this photoshoot. The views made this hike worth it, however as you can see in these pictures. They were fantastic.

I especially love how the natural lighting was perfect, and the purple heather looked terrific as a backdrop. The couple also looked very in love, and I spent the time letting them be themselves. The results are pictures that look fantastic and natural in their wedding outfits.

What Loretta says about their wedding photographs:

"I really love how the photos are so radiant, bright and sweet They truly show the elegance and romance that wedding photos should show, and I find them looking very classy and graceful. Just top-class!!

I feel very lucky that I could have you as my photographer for our special day, and that I can forever keep these beautiful moments captured in these wonderful photos, for my husband and me, as well as for my family who couldn’t make it to my wedding. Truly precious, thank you so much xxx"

Wedding Day Highlight Video

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Wedding planning can be very overwhelming and stressful. But every bride wants to have a beautiful wedding which everyone will remember.

Veronika J. Fine Art Photography creates unique photographs & videos with an artistic touch, so every bride can feel proud of her memories that won’t be forgotten.

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