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Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Sorrento, Italy

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

The Sorrento Engagement Photoshoot

Villa San Pietro was a fabulous place to stay for this destination wedding in Italy with a magical view of Sorrento. You'll see what I mean in the engagement photos. I could not get enough of this location.

What Louisa says:

"Honestly feel blessed we found you! Nothing like capturing the memories so I can day dream and relive it again. Soooo excited for our wedding pics. Thank you so much Veronika, your such a beautiful person and amazing at what you do!"


Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Sorrento, Italy

Louisa & Lee hadn't had any experience with professional photography before and felt quite nervous before the session. This is why I love to do pre-wedding sessions. It gives the couple time to get used to the camera. This turned out to be an excellent experience for Louisa and Lee and helped them relax on their wedding day.

"On our pre wedding shoot myself and Lee felt so awkward and giggly, I honestly have no idea how she managed to get some good shots of us But they are just incredible. I will cherish them all forever!!!!"


For this photoshoot, Louisa had on a lovely short black gown with straps and looked fabulous. Lee went with a white shirt, black cap and blue shorts. Their fashion went beautifully with the panoramic views of Sorrento and the hills at Villa San Pietro.

"Veronika is truly amazing & very talented! I feel so blessed to have found her to capture our wedding day memories. Not only Is she truly incredible at what she does, she is one of the sweetest, nicest, beautiful person! It actually felt like she was a family member or a close friend.


For this pre-wedding session, we used the balconies, steps and walkways at Villa San Pietro, Sorrento. You can see how very in love this couple is in their engagement photos.

"Our wedding day photos and video are just so stunning she really captured the natural love and emotion . We can’t stop watching our video and looking through the photos. So magical! I can’t recommend Veronika enough and I will only ever recommend her!!! ★★★★★"


Wedding Video, Sorrento, Italy

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