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The Wedding Industry Awards 2022 Regional Winner

Updated: Feb 25

The Wedding Industry Awards 2022 West Midlands' Regional Winner & National Finalist

I'm so delighted to announce that I have been named the West Midlands' Best Newcomer at the regional finals of The Wedding Industry Awards 2022 (TWIA), which celebrates the best suppliers and venues for the wedding industry.

And there could be a bigger prize yet to come, being now among the contenders to be named the Best Newcomer in the country at TWIA national finals to be held in London on 23rd February 2022.

See the official photographs from TWIA's regional event at the Mount Hotel in Wolverhampton below.

Veronika J. - Award-Winning Wedding Photographer, West Midlands

A photo with Damian Bailey, founder of The Wedding Industry Awards

Award-Winning Wedding Photographer, West Midlands

First of all, I want to thank to my every single couple who voted for me. You made my year 2021 incredible and without you it wouldn't be possible!

I want to thank everyone else who has supported me with all your love and kind words! It honestly means so much and it always makes my day.

I would also like to thank Olga (@barassi_beautique), the lady who made me look and feel amazing that night! It was such a great confidence boost to have make-up professionally done by Olga.

And last but not least I want to thank my incredible other half - the biggest supporter. The man who has been by my side from the day one. The one who always believed in me no matter what.

My Questions & Answers for The Wedding Industry Awards Entry

What makes you different from your competitors?

I offer hybrid photography & video coverage as one person while not sacrificing photography quality.

My videography process is not any different from the photography one. You probably won't even notice at what moment I take photographs and at what moment videos as I seamlessly switch between these two.

Choosing only one, what is the most valuable aspect of the service you offer to wedding clients?

My highlight videos reflect what I photograph during the wedding day. So for every clip, you will have the exact same photograph. It's like seeing your wedding gallery come to life.

As a hybrid shooter, I match my videography style to the film look of my photographs. They both share the same feel and creative vision.

My wedding clients appreciate my signature editing style because they know they won't find it anywhere else.

What was the most valuable thing you learned in your last year of business?

The last year of business taught me how important wedding memories truly are. Because of the pandemic, many of my clients couldn't have all their loved ones at their wedding.

That's why photography and video was the top priority for most of my couples so they could share their most important moments with those who couldn't attend.

How do you manage the client journey from booking to the wedding day?

1. Before booking: I talk my clients through my whole process, so they know exactly what to expect before booking me as their photographer.

2. Pre-wedding session: My clients can experience how I work, ask me questions and get more relaxed in front of the camera. I ask my clients for feedback to learn about what they liked and, even more importantly, about what they didn't like about themselves in the photos.

3. Pre-wedding consultation: We discuss the group photo list and wedding day timeline to ensure there won't be any potential issues. I often help my couples with the wedding schedule planning if they haven't booked a wedding planner.

4. Wedding day: Thanks to our pre-wedding consultation, my clients know exactly where I'm and what I do throughout the day. This way, we prevent any misunderstandings or regrets later.

5. After the wedding: I send a sneak peek with about 20 photographs a couple of days later. I keep my clients updated about the delivery times for their wedding gallery and video.

Describe your approach to the wedding itself. What, when, how and why do you do what you do when shooting a wedding?

For me, wedding photography is not only about taking pretty pictures. It's about documenting the day as a story. Every single photograph has its own purpose. I like to think of photographing a wedding as when you watch a movie.

It has a beginning when I focus on establishing the scene and details. The main characters are anticipating what will come next. Then, the story leads to the main part full of genuine emotions including tears, laughs and hugs. Following the resolution when everyone celebrates the couple's happily ever after.

On the day, I work with the final vision in mind while looking for any creative opportunities. Learning filmmaking made me realise what storytelling truly means. I believe that it took my photography skills to another level.

What is the single most important thing that is required to be an excellent wedding photographer?

The most important thing is to work quickly under pressure. It is crucial to make fast decisions to make the most out of the situations in the given time.

We, wedding photographers, are not there to make the most perfect or original photos for our portfolio. We are hired to document someone's most important day in the life.

Describe your style and approach to being a wedding photographer.

I capture luminous photos & videos for the elegant & romantic bride. I always aim for a natural, soft, dreamy feel.

I believe that the best photography is not posed, but when you forget there is a camera around, and you can be yourself. I won't try to stage any shots and pose my clients for photos, but I will slightly direct them instead.

My creative vision is a constant search for pure beauty where the most important elements are balance, elegance, romance and feminine touch.

Describe the major challenges your business faced due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and how you attempted to overcome them.

My biggest struggle was to stay hopeful. After 2 years of hard work and effort, I finally booked my first and last wedding before the pandemic in February 2020. I didn't believe that my dreams could come true anymore, given the circumstances.

However, when I couldn't work "in" my business, I took it as an opportunity to work "on" my business. So, I've completed an online filmmaking course. Since the restrictions on weddings have been lifted, I started offering highlight wedding films with my photography packages.

My skills of doing both photo and video simultaneously as one person truly set me apart from all other photographers. My hybrid packages have been greatly appreciated, especially by couples with smaller weddings.

Veronika J. Fine Art Photography

Wedding planning can be very overwhelming and stressful. But every bride wants to have a beautiful wedding which everyone will remember.

Veronika J. Fine Art Photography creates unique photographs & videos with an artistic touch, so every bride can feel proud of her memories that won’t be forgotten.

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