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Wedding Elopement during the Pandemic: Regina & Filip

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Unfortunately, Regina & Filip's wedding plans were cancelled by the pandemic and local restrictions. But love can't be cancelled. So they decided to elope instead and to do the big celebration with their friends and family at a later date once it will be possible again.

The wedding photoshoot

Without the actual wedding, we weren't limited by the wedding day timeline or the location. This freedom gave us a fantastic photo opportunity to pick a location and time of the day for the best results possible. And so we decided on a romantic beach wedding photoshoot during the sunset.

Watch the wedding highlight video from this wedding photoshoot

Best photographer ever!!! I took a really long time to find a photographer but didn’t like anyone until I came across Veronika’s add. A gift from the universe, truly!!! She is so kind, and friendly and very professional.
I did not in my dreams imagine that we would receive our pics so fast! Really like the lighting and the style of each and every single one of them!!!! Thank you very much! Highly recommend to everyone!


Regina & Filip's story

Regina and Filip met on Tinder because none of them was looking for a serious relationship at that time. And imagine, they ended up engaged only 8 months later!

I absolutely love such romantic happy ends! These are some more of my favourite shots from their wedding shoot, which was so much fun!


Wedding planning is not easy. In fact, it can be very overwhelming and stressful. But every bride wants to have a beautiful wedding which everyone will remember.

Veronika J. Fine Art Photography creates unique photographs & videos with an artistic touch, so brides can feel proud of their memories that won’t be forgotten.

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