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Wedding Photography in Biddulph Grange Garden

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Small weddings are beautiful intimate, and memorable. Yes, big weddings with boisterous parties can be lots of fun, but nothing stops a small wedding from being the same. The extra intimacy makes the celebration so incredible for those in attendance.

This was the kind of wedding that Loretta and Mickey had, and I captured their wedding photography in Stoke-on-Trent. I also took romantic photos of this couple at Biddulph Grange Garden and later we did another wedding photoshoot in the Peak District.

What Mickey says about their wedding photos:

"After the last couple days of looking over your pictures with my wife, family and friends, I can honestly say that we are sooooooo happy we chose you from around 50 others.

We knew that the photographer's style, editing and shooting are important in the way we wanted our special day to be represented, so we didn't want to settle for anyone. Looking through the photos, we are so happy to relive the moments of our special day, with those who could not be there so that they could feel part of it too."

Here are a few words on how it felt to apply my candid wedding photography at this wedding celebration. I specifically did a hybrid photography and video coverage, so feel free to check out the highlight video too.

Wedding Highlight Video

What Loretta says about their wedding video:

"I got tears in my eyes after watching it. Thank you so much for making our wedding video so well and capturing our special moments forever. I didn’t expect it to be this beautiful, you far exceeded my expectations!"

The wedding ceremony venue that Loretta & Mickey chose for their wedding was perfect. They made it easy to capture fine art photography and document their special moments.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Stoke-on-Trent Registry office. Then they had their wedding photoshoot at Biddulph Grange Garden. The wedding reception then took place at Furama Palace, a small Chinese restaurant with a warm atmosphere. And later after their wedding day we had a more adventurous wedding photoshoot in the Peak District.

Peak District Wedding Photoshoot

The Wedding Ceremony

Loretta and Mickey’s wedding ceremony happened at the Stoke-on-Trent registry office. It took place in a newly refurbished, beautiful room with a lot of natural light. I love spaces like these because they are perfect for light and airy photography. The lovely interior architecture played a vital role at this wedding. I also really loved the large windows and the lighting.

I started the day capturing Loretta and Mickey’s loved ones as they waited for the couple to come in for the ceremony. The light and airy atmosphere of the Stoke-on-Trent Registry Office created a wonderful backdrop for these pictures. Then everyone got on their feet as the couple walked in, and the ceremony began.

Loretta and Mickey looked wonderful at this ceremony. Loretta’s bouquet of greenery, pink blush and white flowers went wonderfully with her simple but elegant wedding dress. I also love the contrast that her flower crown of white and blush flowers created.

Mickey looked very sophisticated in a dark suit, white shirt and bowtie. He also had on a boutonniere with the same flowers and greenery as Loretta’s bouquet. They both looked excited to be sharing their vows.

I let my candid photography and videography take the lead throughout this ceremony as I documented this couple’s beautiful moments. I captured away as they said their vows, exchanged rings, signed the marriage documents and shared their first kiss.

They were then pronounced married and walked out to a confetti toss with excited family members. It was a beautiful ceremony. I also had a great time taking group portraits and pictures of everyone outside the venue.

The Wedding Photoshoot at Biddulph Grange Garden

The concept of the Biddulph Grange Garden is to celebrate art and nature. This beautiful garden is also located near Stoke-on-Trent and is where Loretta and Mickey had their wedding photoshoot.

We used the China garden in particular as a backdrop, and the results were terrific. You’ll love the bright reds, natural atmosphere and beautiful love on display in the photos at this venue.

Biddulph Grange Gardens is where my experience with natural wedding photography came to light for this couple. The results were delightful and romantic wedding pictures with beautiful poses. You’ll love them as much as I do.

The pond, the trees and the pathways also played a part in this wedding photoshoot at Biddulph Grange Gardens. What, however, stands out for me is the way Loretta & Mickey were comfortable enough to display their love. It was almost like I was not there, and they were just lost in each other, so romantic.

What Loretta says about their wedding photos:

"I really love how the photos are so radiant, bright and sweet They truly show the elegance and romance that wedding photos should show, and I find them looking very classy and graceful. Just top-class!!

I feel very lucky that I could have you as my photographer for our special day, and that I can forever keep these beautiful moments captured in these wonderful photos, for my husband and me, as well as for my family who couldn’t make it to my wedding. Truly precious, thank you so much xxx"

The Wedding Reception

I loved how intimate and unique this couple’s wedding reception at The Furama Palace was. Located on Newcastle road, the cosy atmosphere and warmth of this Chinese restaurant were so inviting.

You should check out the four cakes. You’ll love it as much as I do. The décor here was subtle and beautiful, with balloons giving a playful vibe. I captured the speeches and this couple’s cake cutting. Everyone had a great time.

What Loretta says about their wedding photos:

"Thank you so much dear Veronika for the amazing wedding photos of our special day! I had a look through them and am really pleased with the result! It is so very kind of you to send us the photos while we are still in Belgium to visit my family as they couldn’t be with us at our wedding. My parents absolutely loved the photos too, and I can’t wait to show them to more family members over the next few days when we visit them!"

I loved how Loretta and Mickey’s celebration was unique, intimate and fun. It gave me a chance to showcase my hybrid photography and video skills. I enjoyed using candid wedding photography to bring their love story to light at their wedding photoshoot. I also enjoyed documenting their special moment with loved ones.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration Loretta and Mickey. I wish you both the very best!

Wedding Photoshoot in the Peak District

See also a blog post about our Peak District wedding photoshoot.

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