• Veronika

Wedding Photography Is Not Cheap

It's true. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is expensive. Especially when you consider that some of your guests can bring a camera and take some photos too.

And yes, it could be done cheaper. But if I did that, your wedding photographs would be cheap. And not only that:

1. You wouldn't receive the individual attention you deserve before, during and after your wedding day.

2. Your wedding photos wouldn't be taken with professional equipment essential for the high-quality outcome.

3. Your wedding photographer wouldn't have backup equipment and other backup systems in place to avoid losing your wedding photographs forever.

4. Your wedding photographer wouldn't have liability insurance (which is often required by wedding venues) if anything goes wrong.

5. Your wedding photographer wouldn't take thousands of images to make sure to capture all the important moments of your wedding day.

6. Your wedding photographer may not have the essential skills to take professional photos no matter the lighting conditions.